Monsoon in its peak, August became the month of me being grounded in Kathmandu. Assignments and project priorities in its low, it was time for me to reconsider the main subjects to photograph. I turned back to macro and focused on the garden.

There is a small world operating behind the scenes to keep the eco-system going and it goes unnoticed for the majority of us. The tiny world of insects and other organisms are the prime contributors to how wildlife and nature operates.

As put out well by Jonas Salk, an American medical researcher, and virologist

“If all insects were to disappear from the earth within 50 years, all life on earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the earth within 50 years, all life on earth would flourish.”

Jonas Salk

Insects are the backbones of the ecosystem as they provide those higher up in the food chain with the nutrients they need for survival. They are the pollinators, decomposers, and nutrients provider to the soil and all that grow in it. 

As August passed by slowly, I was able to document some insects which included different types of bees, Large three-ring butterfly, ants, leafhoppers, stink bugs, caterpillar, Lynx spider, Jumping spider, snail, hoverflies, flies etc. I will be finding the respective names of the species I was able to document and will be featuring soon.

It was good to be back in the roots from where I started my wildlife photography and it became more fun as I started using flash to light up the dark areas in the garden to freeze the moments.

Thank you so much for following up on my work and it would be a pleasure to hear from you so please feel free to comment. Wishing you all a good month ahead.

Ajay Narsingh Rana

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  1. Awesome photos Ajay. The jumping spider photo has inspired me to get more into macro photography. I’ve never seen so many diverse insects as I have since I moved so we will see what I can “capture”.

    • Thank you Peter.. Yeah the diversity in the insect world so so massive and big that it’s fantastic. Hoping to see the macro world from your side of the world soon.

  2. It’s always a pleasure to read your blog. The photographs, as usual, are awesome. The best thing about you is your dedication – rain, sun or shine!

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