Common Name: Sirkeer Malkoha
Scientific Name: Taccocua leschenaultii
Family: Cuculidae
Nepali Name: Niyauri Malkauwa ( न्याउरी मालकौवा )
Size: 42 cm
Location: Surkhet, Nepal

Sirkeer Malkoha is found around habitats such as dry scrub forests and open woodlands in elevations ranging from 75 m to 365 m above sea level.

This bird species is recognized for its stylish appearance, characterized by a teardrop-shaped dark patch surrounding each eye. They have a long tail, mainly olive brown coloring on its upper side, and a unique curved red beak with a yellow tip.

Moreover, it displays dark olive brown hues on its back, wings, and central tail feathers, along with a rufous underside and a greenish sheen on the wings and dark parts of the tail feathers. The eyes are safeguarded by curved and elongated bristles reminiscent of eyelashes, while a dark, bare patch of skin encircling each eye accentuates their size.

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