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What I saw – March 2018

What a month it has been, with the travel to Bardiya taking the highlight of the year. I traveled to Bardiya for the Wildlife Conservation Photography mentored by…

what i saw - december 2017

What I saw – December 2017

Another year passes by and I’m really happy that the blog has an increase in visitors than last year. I would like to thank you guys for coming…

What I saw - November 2017

What I saw – November 2017

What a month it has been. Back to back trips in the mountains and off to Japan meant that I was more focused on the work until the…

what i saw october 2017

What I saw – October 2017

It’s been a while since I had focused on macro photography and with all the travels, taking the big tele-lens was almost impossible. With the renewed focus on…

What I saw

What I saw – September 2017

A lovely month to start with taking macro of a lot of moths and spiders but the travel to Sauraha, Chitwan topped it out. Wildlife spotting and birding…

what i saw - may 2017

What I saw – May 2017

A lazy month of being in the city and no travelling resulted in me searching and taking more macro shots of insects that I saw around. Big moths…

What I Saw in April 2017

What I saw – April 2017

Crazy weather and less travel was the menu for April but I was able to take some pictures of flora and fauna which I had not seen before….

what i saw- january 2017

What I saw – January 2017

It’s been a good start to 2017. Being able to travel to different places and at the same times teach rural first responder courses to villagers in Dhading district…