Terms and conditions:

  1. pnblog2015@gmail.com is the official email for submitting the photographs to be shared in “What we saw”.
  2. Only one image per month. The submitted photograph should be less than 2mb. The details that should be included when sending the photograph is – 
    a: Name of the author of the photograph. 
    b: Name of the place the photograph was taken.
    c: Date the photograph was taken.
    It would be helpful if you can give the common name or the local name of the species in the photograph.
  3. By submitting the photograph you give the blog permission to publish the sent photo in the “What we saw” segment.
  4. The author reserves the right to consider which photo should be used for the “What we saw” segment.
  5. The picture shouldn’t include a human along with the subject and should be in its natural environment.
  6. Photos that include species of animals that are encaged won’t be published and if published will be taken down after studying the evidence brought forward.
  7. By submitting the picture you are agreeing that the sent photograph is your creation and doesn’t represent anyone else’s work.
  8. A guardian would be needed for those who are below 16 years to agree on having the sent photograph be published in the “What we saw” segment.
  9. The submitted photograph will be published at the start of the month after the completion of the month the photograph was sent. Once this has been done the sent photo won’t be used in any other material for the blog.
  10. If the author of the photograph wants the picture removed from the blog then the author of the photograph can inform prakritinepal.com to remove the previously sent photograph in a written email pnblog2015@gmail.com after which the author of prakritinepal.com will have the photograph taken down from the blog.
  11. prakritinepal.com won’t be responsible for the use of the sent photographs taken out from the “what we saw” segment by any third party unknowingly for their use.  
  12. The author of the blog will be cropping and editing the photo as seen fit for the “What we saw” segment.
  13.  There will be no financial exchange for submitted photographs between the author of the blog and the author of the photograph.