Common Name: Clear-wing Tussock Moth
Scientific Name: Perina nuda
Family: Erebidae
Size: 38-50 mm
Location: Bidang, Dhading

The male Clear-wing Tussock Moth has a forewing that exhibits transparency with a brown scale cluster at its base, while the hind wing is characterized by a dark brown hue with a transparent wingtip. In females, the wings are pale yellow, and there is an orange tuft of hair at the tip of the abdomen. In adulthood, it’s easy to differentiate between males and females as males have wings that are transparent, whereas females have wings that are uniformly white.

As is common among Lymantriid moths, both males and females lack functional mouthparts and do not engage in feeding during their adult stage. They rely on energy reserves accumulated during their caterpillar phase.

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