Common Name: Eurasian Wryneck
Scientific Name: Jynx torquilla
Family: Picidae
Nepali Name: Kharlahache ( खरलाहाँचे )
Size: 16 – 17 cm
Location: Kawasoti, Nawalparasi

The Eurasian Wryneck, found in elevation ranging from 75-915 m, is a slender bird resembling a thrush more than a woodpecker. A passage migrant and a winter visitor, Eurasian Wryneck is recognizable by a broad black stripe on its crown and back.

Its upper parts are marked with pale brown, rufous, and blackish bars, with creamy white underparts featuring arrow-head-shaped brown markings. It favors open landscapes with scattered trees, orchards, and farmland, nesting in tree cavities.

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