Common Name: Himalayan Monal
Scientific Name: Lophophorus impejanus 
Family: Phasianidae
Local Name: Nepali – Daphe ( डाँफे ), Sherpa – Dangal
Size: 70 cm (Male), 63.5 cm (Female)
Location: Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal

Himalayan Monal is commonly seen in alpine meadows, high forests, grassy slopes, and cliffs ranging from 3300m to 4570m during summer, and up to 2500m during winters.

Large in size of up to 70cm, males have multicolor plumage like metallic blue, green, and copper along with a patch of white in the back. The tail is brown in color and darkens towards the end. Females are brown in color with a white throat, streaked underparts, white crescent on the upper tail-coverts, and narrow white tips in the tail. 

The Himalayan Monal is also the national bird of Nepal.   

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Female Himalayan Monal