Common Name: Spotted Grasshopper
Scientific Name: Aularches miliaris
Family: Pyrgomorphidae
Nepali Name: Jhilke Salaha( झिलके सलह )
Size: 3.7–5.5 cm
Location: Kushma, Parbat

Spotted Grasshopper is known by many names, including the coffee locust, ghost grasshopper, and foam grasshopper.

The grasshopper’s head and thorax exhibit a dark green color adorned with a prominent bright yellow band on the side. Its wings sport a green hue with numerous yellow spots, while the legs feature a blue shade and a serrated yellow pattern on the hind femora. The abdomen is characterized by a black color with vivid red bands.

One interesting defense mechanism of this grasshopper is its ability to eject a toxic foam when disturbed. This helps to keep predators at bay.

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