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What I saw – July 2021

The sound of the rain falling on the leaves of the shrubs outside my window, illuminated by the moonlight. Fireflies flashing their light in patterns as they fly…

A collage of the various birds and insects I was able to see in the month of June. What I saw – June 2020

What I saw – July 2020

Reminiscencing and writing about the moments from previous months are nostalgic and What I saw – June 2020 is not different. The dance of the monsoon clouds, the…

what i saw july 2018

What I saw – July 2018

Sitting in front of the computer and preparing this blog, it still feels like a dream of the moments I was able to experience in July.  Rara National…

What I saw - July 2017

What I saw – July 2017

The 12th edition of the monthly segment “What I Saw” is out now and oh boy time passes by so fast. This segment is a summary of what…

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