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What I saw – August 2021

Click on the play button to listen to the sounds of nature while you read the blog It seems that the monsoon was at its peak as the…


What I saw – July 2021

The sound of the rain falling on the leaves of the shrubs outside my window, illuminated by the moonlight. Fireflies flashing their light in patterns as they fly…

Prakriti-Nepal What I saw in February 2021

What I saw – February 2021

I sit back in my room lit only by the computer screen in front of me pondering through the folders containing photos taken in February. Time seems to…

The monthly segment exploring the surrounding and writing about it in What I saw September 2020 edition.

What I saw – September 2020

Reaching the 50th edition of the monthly segment “What I saw” seemed to be a dream when I started it back in August 2016. I was traveling a…


What I saw – April 2020

The cacophony of sounds made by vehicles, horns, machines, loud music, construction has been replaced by silence. A silence that would have been a part of my life…

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