Common Name: Alpine Thrush (previous – Plain-backed Thrush)
Scientific Name: Zoothera mollissima
Nepali Name: Sadhadhade Chachar ( सादाढाडे चाँचर )
Size: 27 cm
Location: Nallu, Lalitpur

Previously known as Plain-backed Thrush, Alpine Thrush can be found around elevation ranging from 1500m to 2400m above sea level around winter. During breeding season they can be seen at the range of 3000 m to 4000m above sea level.

Spotted in an around grasslands, open woodlands, open country with bushes, the Alpine Thrush has a dark brown forehead and upper body area. The underside has creamy color with chest speckling with large spots on the upper throat.

The diet mainly consists of invertebrates that are found while foraging in the grasslands.

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