Common Name: Brown-headed Gull
Scientific Name: Chroicocephalus brunnicephalus
Nepali Name: Khairotauke Gangachil ( खैरोटाउके गंगाचील )
Size: 42 cm
Location: Taudaha, Kathmandu

Brown-headed Gulls can be spotted in lakes and rivers. A rare sight as they are passage migrants and can be spotted from 75 m above sea level to 5490m. These winter visitors are sometimes confused with the Black-headed Gull, to which the brown-headed gull is slightly larger, has a broader bill, a more rounded wingtip, pale yellow iris. While resting we can also notice a steeper forehead than compared to a more rounded forehead of the Black-headed Gull.

As the name suggests the hood is primarily brown on the summer adults but as in the picture above which was taken in Taudaha during winter the Brown-headed Gull loses its brown hood during winter and has just darker vertical streaks. Along with this the summer adult also has a pale grey body, red bill with black tip and legs are red as well. The underwing is gray, with black flight feathers and extensive black on the primaries in all plumages.

These birds are opportunist feeders and feeds on various invertebrates like insects, earthworms, etc along with fish, shrimps, etc.

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