Common Kingfisher

Common Name: Common Kingfisher
Scientific Name: Alcedo atthis
Nepali Name: Sano Matikhor ( सानो माटीकोरे )
Size: 16cm (size) 
Location: Begnas, Pokhara


Normally found distributed widely under 1000m above sea level and can reach till 1800m. This common kingfisher can be seen in open water areas. 

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  1. Gorgeous! They are not as common as their name suggests and are tiny to spot in the field. Nicely done!

  2. Nice photo. I love Kingfishers but they are hard to photograph here. Last time I was trying to photograph Kingfishers, it was from the kayak. I tried to drift quietly, but they kept just out of range of my telephoto. I got a couple good shots but not many for all the work.

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