Common Name: Common White Frangipani
Scientific Name: Plumeria rubra
Size: 12m (Tree size)
Nepali Name: Galaichi ( गलैंची ), Champa ( चम्पा )
Location: Galeshwor, Beni.
                      Badritar, Dhading, Nepal

Known as Plumeria, it is native to places ranging from central Mexico to Colombia and Venezuela. It can now be seen cultivated in tropical, subtropical places, generally in dry and hot areas around the world. 

There are five overlapping petals in the flowers of a Common White Frangipani and are white with yellow centers. The flowers are very fragrant. The leaves are 30 to 50 cm long and are together in a cluster at the branch tips with the flowers following upright at the end of the branch. Also known as Champa these deciduous trees are normally pollinated by moths.

Plumeria being deciduous the leaves start falling early once the winter starts. This tree can be seen in elevation ranging from 500m to 1000m but can be found till 1500m as well. 

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