Common Name: Red-breasted Parakeet
Scientific Name: Psittacula alexandri
Nepali Name: Kaagbhela Suga ( कागभेला सुगा )
Size: 38 cm
Location: Chitwan, Nepal

Red-breasted Parakeets are found in elevation ranging from 75-365m. They are usually seen in the foothills of Nepal and especially in the riverine forests during winter.

Adults have bright green plumage with a grey-bluish crown, a black line from the forehead to the eye, broad black chin stripe. The chest is lilac pink. The male Red-breasted Parakeet has a red upper bill and the female has a black one. The female also has a bluish-green crown.

Red-breasted parakeets are normally seen in a flock and feed on grains, fruits, seeds, flowers, leaves, nectar.

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