Ruddy shelduck
Ruddy shelduck male

Ruddy shelduck

Common Name: Ruddy shelduck
Scientific Name: Tadorna ferruginea
Nepali Name: Chakhewachakhewi ( चखेवाचखेवी )
Size: 61-67cm (size) 110-135cm (wingspan)
Location: Braga, Manang


Ruddy Shelducks are generally found from 305m to 4800m above sea level in swampy habitats and open water areas. The male is differentiated from the female by the black collar in the neck and both sport the orange-brownish plumage with the female having a pale whitish head. 

The male and female ducks remain as partners for a very long time and will be seen flying together most of the time.


*My apologies for not taking a better image and will update the pictures as soon as I'm able to take a sharper image than this. Current setup I'm using has its limitation on being a 55-210mm f4.5-5 lens so hopefully I can change that and bring out sharper images to you soon.