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Nature’s fragile gift to Nepal

Nature’s fragile gift to Nepal

With the increasing infection cases in Nepal and another set of lockdowns, it was time to stay home and reflect on what nature is. Respite from a week…

Encounters in the small world during the COVID19 lockdown.

It’s a small world

“This is also the season for butterflies, and they are flapping about in force. I observe a caterpillar constructing a cocoon cage before going into the pupa incarnation of its metamorphosis. The constructed cage looks very elaborate, and this was my second time seeing such a structure after almost six years. As I slowly get accustomed to the patterns in the foliage with daily observations, I notice more life forms and in their small worlds.”

Tiny Beauties

I was lucky enough to have my photo feature published in Republica’s “THE WEEK” on July 31, 2015. Below is the excerpt of the small article I had written…