The COVID19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown to control the spread had created moments where I was able to get time to once again explore the small world.

Ten years back it was the small macro world that made me start exploring nature even closer and passion grew into a dedicated work.

August became the month when I could finally pitch a story about exploring the small world during the lockdown and have it published. Nepali Times published the story with the title “It’s a small world”. Below is an excerpt from the story. For a detailed read click here.


“This is also the season for butterflies, and they are flapping about in force. I observe a caterpillar constructing a cocoon cage before going into the pupa incarnation of its metamorphosis. The constructed cage looks very elaborate, and this was my second time seeing such a structure after almost six years. As I slowly get accustomed to the patterns in the foliage with daily observations, I notice more life forms and in their small worlds.

Documentation through video also became a priority during the lockdown. I stumble upon a jumping spider, and this became a moment for the next two days of seeing the world from its perspective. I started filming it from the instant it emerged from a dead leaf where it was sheltering, scanning around for prey, and strutting around gingerly.

It felt like I was filming a character following a script, but this actor absconded on the third day and thus my film script for this character stayed incomplete. Documenting nature is difficult when you are filming on your subject’s terms and conditions, not yours. This is how it is supposed to be, should be and, how I like it to be.

As I look around the garden for other bugs to take portraits of, I am surprised to find so many species of spiders in such a small area. One of them is a tiny orb-weaving spider, making its web. The engineering instinct with which it instinctively wove the flimsy silk into the web with its hind legs was fascinating.”

Do give it a read and let me know how it was. Would love to hear from you.