Common Name: Yellow-throated Marten
Scientific Name: Martes flavigula
Nepali Name: Malsapro ( मलसाँप्रो )
Size: 46-60cm (length)
Location: Kakani, Nepal

The most widely spread and seen in Nepal. Found in regions ranging from 100m to 3100m above sea level, Yellow-throated Marten is found in coniferous to broadleaved forests and jungles.

Larger than the Beech Marten with a longer tail, the Yellow-throated Marten as the name suggests has a deep cannery yellow neck with shades of yellow in the back. The face, crown, tail, and legs are black.

A very agile and bold hunter, skillful both on the ground and in trees these martens hunt species like rats, mice, hares, snakes, lizards, eggs, and ground-nesting birds. They also supplement the diet with nectar and fruit. Often seen in pairs or up to five in a hunting party which can take down prey of 10-12 kgs. A grown adult can weigh around 3-4 kg. 

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