Common Name: Asian Koel
Scientific Name: Eudynamys scolopacea 
Nepali Name: Koeli ( कोइली )
Size: 43 cm 
Location: Sitapaila, Nepal

Asian Koel is found around light forests, gardens, cultivation, open areas either solitary or in pairs and is resident below 1370m but can be locally found till 1800m. These are large and long-tailed cuckoo measuring up to 43 cm and is a member of  the Cuculiformes (cuckoo order of birds). The male has a plumage that is greenish-black along with a greenish bill, grey leg and feet. The eyes are very distinctive as they are crimson in color. The female is dark brown in the back, rump and wing coverts with white and buff spots. The underpart is whitish spotted in the troat and barred below. 

Vocally very loud, they can be heard more frequently from March to June. The males can be heard with repeated calls like kuoo-kuoooo – kuoo-kuoooo

The above picture is of a male Asian Koel.

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