Common Name: Barn Swallow
Scientific Name: Hirundo rustica
Nepali Name: Ghar Gauthali ( घर गौथली )
Size: 18 cm
Location: Sitapaila, Kathmandu, Nepal

A widespread and common species in Nepal, Barn Swallows are found in elevations ranging from 75m above sea level to 1830m.

The adult swallow has a steely blue upper part with a rufous forehead and throat. The underparts range from rufous to white which are separated from the throat by a blue/black breast band. The outer tail feathers are elongated and extended beyond the wingtip. This gives the tail distinctive long, forked tail characteristics. The female is also similar but with a shorter tail, dull upperparts, and paler underparts. They have broad shoulders that taper down to the wingtips when perching.

Barn Swallows have normally seen nesting in new human habitats and being insectivores they can be seen flying in open areas.

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