Common Name: One Horned Rhino
Scientific Name: Rhinoceros unicornis
Nepali Name: Ek Singhe Gaida ( एकसिङ्गे गैंडा )
Size: 5.8 ft (height)
Location: Sauraha, Chitwan

Also known as the Indian Rhinoceros they are found from 100 to 300 m above sea level. In Asia, these are the second largest land mammal after the Asian Elephant and weigh around 1500 to 2100kg. Once widely distributed these Asiatic One Horned Rhino has now been reduced to very few isolated jungles. In Chitwan alone, the population exceeded 1000 around the 1950s. Although rhinos have poor eyesight, they have an exceptionally good hearing and sense of smell. The horn of the rhino is around 20-61 cm and will regrow if broken. Rhinos fall under the IUCN's Red List.