Spiders are found everywhere in the world. Nepal has more than 144 different species of spiders. Being a very physically diverse country, spiders can be found in all elevations up to 6700m where the Himalayan jumping spider can be found. 

The sight of a spider scares a lot of people but their importance to the ecosystem can’t be ignored. When it comes to finding the importance of a spider the very first thing that needs to be looked at is that it eats other insects. This means that it plays a very crucial role and is a key contributor to the agricultural sector when it comes to pest control.

As the lockdown continued I started focusing more on the small world around where I live. While documenting the insects in the garden I found different types of spiders contained in a small area. From Jumping spiders, Lynx spider, Nursery Web Spider, Ant Mimic Spider, Orb Weaving Spider, to spiders I hadn’t seen before it was a good moment to document some of them. 

A Small World will be a documentation of the small hidden world around us. As we talk about conservation the understanding of the need to share the space with all kinds of creatures is very important.