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What I saw – April 2020

The cacophony of sounds made by vehicles, horns, machines, loud music, and construction has been replaced by silence. A silence that would have been a part of my…


What I saw – January 2020

An end to a decade and five of those years were completed in 2019 blogging about the flora and fauna of Nepal. Looking back it’s also been more…


What I saw – November 2019

An epic saga of travels slowly came to a halt in November as I started my final trip once again toward the Annapurna Circuit. Although being in this region…

What i saw - October 2019

What I saw – October 2019

Peripatetic might be the word to describe me with the schedules I am having since September. October didn’t bring any stop to it and what a month it…


What I saw – April 2019

What can be more beautiful than spring bringing in the colors, sights, sounds, and smell that winter hides. From the early morning calls of Asian Koel to Oriental…


What I saw – January 2019

As the year starts and all of a sudden the first month passes by without any adventure and assignment, a void starts appearing, which reflects in this month’s…


What I saw – December 2018

The final edition of “What I saw” segment for this year, and what a year it has been. As the year is ending finishing up on the remaining…

what i saw in november 2018

What I saw – November 2018

A month without being out and about in the mountains and city life dominating the schedules, the garden outside the house gave some respite from the entire buzz….

what i saw october 2018

What I saw – October 2018

October started with Annapurna Circuit leading a mountain bike tour and ended in the Everest trail working as a wilderness first responder for an ultra-marathon race. Two different…

what i saw in September 2018

What I saw – September 2018

Traveling around Nepal with assignments has been a blessing this year and September was also not spared. The first week of September was spent in the northern hills…