What can be more beautiful than spring bringing in the colors, sights, sounds, and smell that winter hides. From the early morning calls of Asian Koel to Oriental Magpie Robin, half of April was spent traveling on assignment in the outdoors.

As I travel and see the various sides of Nepal, I do get to see the conservation side of nature and wildlife. This month I got to walk inside a couple of community forests in Nagarkot and Banke. Even though there is a lack of pictures due to the nature of the work it was a magical experience. 

Kathmandu also did provide me with a lot of sightings and this is always a bonus as the concrete jungle hasn’t been a deterrent for the birds and the insects to adapt accordingly. But while I say this we should also not forget that the concrete jungle should also adapt and bring in the greens where ever possible not just for the critters of nature but for humans also. 

This month I was able to see Rufous Treepie, Spotted Dove, Asian Koel, Bush Warbler, Oriental Magpie Robin, Serpent Eagle, Oriental White-eye, White-crested Laughingthrush, Bunting, Common Myna, Red-vented Bulbul, Himalayan Bulbul, Cattle Egret, Praying Mantis, Cabbage butterfly, flowering Sal trees, etc. in various locations around Nagarkot, Banke, Sitapalia. 

The month of May will be about going on an assignment to the north-eastern side of Nepal so hopefully, I can bring some pictures and story of the adventure I was in. Thank you so much for visiting the blog. Please do leave your suggestions and comment on the contents that come in this blog.