Common Name: Tricolored Munia
Scientific Name: Lonchura malacca
Family: Estrildidae
Nepali Name: Kalotauke Munia ( कालोटाउके मुनियाँ )
Size: 11.5 cm
Location: Chitwan, Nepal

Tricoloured Munia also known as the Black-headed Munia is found below 1220m elevation in and around the foothills of the terai areas (tropical lowlands) which are weedy and grassy—often seen in small flocks.

The adults have a black coloration covering the head, throat, breast, belly, undertail coverts, and thighs. A white coloration is present between the breast and belly and on the flanks. The upper part of their body exhibits a warm chestnut tone. Dark brown flight feathers contrast with white to cream-colored underwing coverts. The rump is reddish-maroon, more pronounced in males, while females have paler fringes on the upper tail coverts.

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