Common Name: White-browed Fulvetta
Scientific Name: Fulvetta vinipectus
Family: Paradoxornithidae
Nepali Name: Pitnayen Fulbutta ( पीतनयन फूलबुट्टा )
Size: 11 cm
Location: Phaplu, Nepal

The White-browed Fulvetta is found at elevations of 2135 to 4200m (dropping below 3000m in winter).

One of the key features of the White-browed Fulvetta is its distinct head pattern. This includes a brown or black lateral crown stripe, a broad white supercilium (eyebrow), and blackish to brown mask and ear coverts.

The rump, belly, tail, and wings display rufous-brown to buffish-brown hues, with white edging to black primaries. The throat is white, with varying degrees of streaking (most prominent in the perstriata subspecies). The crown, nape, mantle, and breast are brownish-grey.

Feeding on insects, it forms flocks, combs through subalpine shrubbery, and various types of temperate and subalpine forests. It breeds at elevations of 2400 to 4200m.

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