Common Name: Stone apple, Wood apple
Scientific Name: Aegle marmelos
Family: Rutaceae
Nepali Name: Bel ( बेल )
Size: up to 13 – 15 meters in height
Location: Lumbini, Nepal

Commonly known in Nepal as Bel the other name is known as Stone Apple or, wood apple. Found in dry open forests in the terai or, the hills up to an altitude of around 1200m.

The Bel tree is a medium-sized tree that can grow up to 13 – 15 meters in height. The leaves are 2.5 cm long alternate trifoliate, short flower, and the fruit is woody-skinned and 5-15 cm globular.

Cracking with a hammer the fruit inside has 8-20 sections covered with fibrous hairs and are embedded in an orange aromatic pulp. The juice is strained and made into a drink.


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