Brown Bullfinch

Common Name: Brown Bullfinch
Scientific Name: Pyrrhula nipalensis
Nepali Name: Khiro Tiutiu ( खैरो टिउँटिउँ )
Size: 16-17cm (size) 
Location: Koto, Manang


Brown Bullfinch can be found from 1600m to 3050m. They live in dense alpine forest and are relatively small gray head, name and breast bird. They are found in temperate, sub-tropical and tropical forests and eat nuts and conifers found in their habitat.  


*My apologies for not taking a better image and will update the pictures as soon asI'm able to take a sharper image than this. Current setup I'm using has its limitation on being a 55-210mm f4.5-5 lens so hopefully I can change that and bring out sharper images to you soon.