Common Name: Himalayan Tahr
Scientific Name: Hemitragus jemlahicus
Nepali Name: Jharal ( झारल )
Size: 80-100 cm (height)
Location: Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal

Found in regions above 2500m to 5500 m, Himalayan Tahrs are seen in slopes where vegetation is exposed for grazing.

Having a deep copper-brown coat, males have a coarse, tangled mane over the neck, chest, and shoulders. The male Himalayan Tahr has a horn that is pointed backward and can reach up to 46 cm but in females, the horns are shorter and are not that pointed backward as the males do. These mountain goats fall under the ungulate group of mammals so they have an even number of toes.

Normally seen in the slopes that are smooth or rough and the ease that is seen while walking is due to the hooves having a rubber-like core which allows them to grip rocks.

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