Common Name: Lesser Adjutant 
Scientific Name: Leptoptilos javanicus
Nepali Name: Bundifohor Garud ( भुँडीफोर गरुड )
Size: 110-120 cm
Location: Chitwan, Nepal

Lesser Adjutant is found below 250m around wet areas like marshes, wet fields, lakes.

Smaller than the Greater Adjutant, Lesser Adjutant is identified by the slimmer and straight upper bill, the head and the neck is almost bare with some hair-like feathers. The belly and the under-tail are white, the adults have a black mantle and white underparts with the underwing also being black. The neck is retracted with flying which makes it look like the pouch that the Greater Adjutant has.

Globally threatened, these birds are solitary but can be seen in small colonies or individual pairs. 

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