Six months have already passed and the second half of the year 2019 starts but one thing remains constant, nature doesn’t seem to stop amazing me and gracing me with its beauty. 

Concrete jungle or the real jungle nature seems to be embracing us everywhere. June was about to be in between these two. Work took me to Pokhara and coincidently the dates aligned and I was able to attend a photo exhibition about the endangered and threatened species of Phewataal, called Project Phewataal organized by The Revolution Project. One of my photos was also featured there. The locals and tourists were both actively looking at the displays which were done in an open setting near the shores of the lake. Seeing people react to images of flora and fauna is always encouraging as it is a step in them knowing what is around their surroundings which might help in the advocacy of conservation in the longer run. 

With the short amount of travel I did, I was able to see some new things this month. I hadn’t seen the breeding colors of an Indian Pond Heron and as I sat close to the edge of Phewa Lake clicking photos of it, up in the distance something small started slowly coming towards my area of sight. This was the first time as well that I was finally able to take a picture of the Little Grebe. As I moved along the lakeside I could see some Cattle Egret also in breeding colors. Morning Glory flowers were blooming around, ferns unfolding their leaves, dragonflies zipping past, and butterflies busy getting nectar from wildflowers and White-breasted Waterhen feeding along the shorelines seemed to define a perfect morning. Purple Sapphire butterfly was pretty ok with me taking its photo as it didn’t fly away, so was a beetle walking down a long grass blade.  The month ended with me being able to see and take pictures of four Chestnut-tailed Starling in a tree near my home. 

As the months roll on adventures also come and go and the inspiration to blog grows even stronger. Thank you all for visiting the blog and supporting it. Please feel free to put in your comments and suggestions so that I can bring more content to the blog.

Ajay Narsingh Rana