Common Name: Asian Wild Elephant
Scientific Name: Elephas maximus
Nepali Name: Jangali Hatti (जङ्गली हात्ती)
Size: 7.5 -10.8 ft (height)
Location: Bardiya National Park, Nepal
Status: Endangered

The Asian-Wild Elephant is the largest land animal found in Asia and can weight upwards of 6 tonnes with a height of 3.3m.

As a herbivore, they eat 150-200kg of fodder and 100 liters of water in a day. The trunk tip has just one finger compared to the African elephant which has two. Males have tusks that have been recorded to be up to 8ft (average 3-6ft long) whereas the females do not have tusks but small dental protuberances called tishes. 

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