Website 101

Website 101

How to use the website? Namaste and welcome to, a blog that is documenting the flora and fauna I’ve been able to see in my home country, Nepal….


What I saw – April 2022

Click on the play button to listen to the sounds of nature while you read the blog The phrase, home is where the heart is, resonates for me,…

Prakritinepal Calendar_Apr_2022

Calendar – April 2022

Gaurs are heavily built wild cattle, and also the largest bovine in the world. Female gaur can weigh up to 1000kg and the male can reach up to…


What I saw – March 2022

Spring had arrived and the songs of the birds were getting diverse. The Asian Koel is back singing its Kuooo…Kuooo at the top of its voice. March was…


Calendar – March 2022

Grey Nightjars are crepuscular (active in twilight) and nocturnal (active at night). A very well camouflaged bird, they generally roost on the ground and are very hard to…

What I saw February 2022

What I saw – February 2022

The fear I have of not being able to venture outdoors due to work came alive in February. One of those months where it was all about work….

Prakritinepal Calendar_Feb_2022_

Calendar – February 2022

The month of February on Prakritinepal Blog calendar 2022 is covered by Terai Grey Langur. Photo: A family of Terai Grey LangurLocation: Bardiya National Park, Nepal These primates…

Prakriti Nepal What i saw in January 2022

What I saw – January 2022

2021 did bring some really good moments in the great outdoors. Wish I could have more but the virus situation dictated the movements. Nevertheless traveling to some new…