Website 101

Website 101

How to use the website? Namaste and welcome to, a blog that is documenting the flora and fauna I’ve been able to see in my home country, Nepal….


What I saw – January 2023

Reminiscing about the natural encounters from the previous year, the start of 2023 slowly shaped up to be more interesting. I got selected for 2023’s PhotoKTM5 Residency Program…


What I saw – December 2022

This is the final month of the year, and what a year it has been. I can’t recall much though, but finally, there were a couple of adventures…


What I saw – November 2022

The month started early morning in Lobuche ready to head to Everest Base Camp and be back by the evening. A long day and quite a change in…


What I saw – October 2022

The weather pattern seems to have changed for the worse as the beginning of October brought in more rain. Traveling to the mountains was on the itinerary as…