Website 101

Website 101

How to use the website? Namaste and welcome to, a blog that is documenting the flora and fauna I’ve been able to see in my home country, Nepal….


What I saw – June 2024

Pre-monsoon weather and assignments concentrated in Kathmandu limited my nature excursions to just a couple of outings. The landscape was adorned with vivid green foliage, and it was…


What I saw – May 2024

This month, work took me to the Everest region. It was my fifth time in this area, and I was assigned a new location to serve as a…


What I saw – April 2024

April was all about exploring the central hilly regions of Nepal, especially around the Annapurna region, where I had the chance to experience diverse flora and fauna across…


What I saw – March 2024

The Wilderness First Aid training for the Bungy Nepal crew at the Last Resort continued for the first couple of days of March. The early morning and evening…