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Namaste and welcome to, a blog that is documenting the flora and fauna I’ve been able to see in my home country, Nepal. This blog will be regularly updated with new species. Don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback regarding the blog and its contents.


Navigation Bar – The menu will help you explore the blog from knowing more about the blog and me in the ABOUT section to what EQUIPMENT I use. You can also buy the prints from the PRINTS section.
Search Bar – With the ease of use the search has been optimized in a way so that you can search for species by the names, color, or any other details to help you narrow down the species list you’re looking for.
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Photos – You can get more details on the individual species by clicking on the photos. New individual species will be added every Monday.
What I saw – By clicking on the What I saw segment you can read about the wildlife encounters I was able to have in the previous month. This is a monthly segment and will be added at the start of the new month.

Let’s talk nature, spread the knowledge, help protect the fragile life cycle that nature has and coexist in this beautiful world.