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What I saw – November 2022

The month started early morning in Lobuche ready to head to Everest Base Camp and be back by the evening. A long day and quite a change in…


What I saw – October 2022

The weather pattern seems to have changed for the worse as the beginning of October brought in more rain. Traveling to the mountains was on the itinerary as…


What I saw – September 2022

Monsoon seemed to slow down a bit and the color of rice fields was changing as the harvest was getting near. The yellow hue was highlighted even more…


What I saw – August 2022

The rain finally stopped and the clouds were slowly rising from the valley below. Fresh cold air and the sound of the Cicada dominated the ambiance. Walking towards…


What I saw – July 2022

With a forecast saying no rain in the morning we planned a trip to Nagdaha. Waking up the sky seemed cloudy but I thought it would pass like…


What I saw – June 2022

When looking back at the thought process and the patience needed to notice the surroundings, with time and age, the level of awareness has increased. It is always…


What I saw – May 2022

Click on the play button to listen to the sounds of nature while you read the blog Cutting through the wind, I walked towards my destination. Big mountains…


What I saw – April 2022

Click on the play button to listen to the sounds of nature while you read the blog The phrase, home is where the heart is, resonates for me,…


What I saw – March 2022

Spring had arrived and the songs of the birds were getting diverse. The Asian Koel is back singing its Kuooo…Kuooo at the top of its voice. March was…

What I saw February 2022

What I saw – February 2022

The fear I have of not being able to venture outdoors due to work came alive in February. One of those months where it was all about work….