Common Name: Chukar partridge
Scientific Name: Alectoris chukar 
Nepali Name: Semi ( सेमी )
Size: Male – 38 cm
Location: Manang, Nepal

Chukar partridge are greyish-brown back, white cheeks and throat with a distinct black gorget running from the eyes to the base of the neck, red beak, grey breast, buff belly,  rufous-streaked flanks, and red legs. They are found in elevation ranging from 2100m to 3960m in habitats like open rocky/grassy/shrub hills, cultivations. 

As the name suggests they make sounds like chuck-chuck-chukar-chukar.  The female is slightly small but similar minus the spur in the foot. 

Note: In the picture you can notice a juvenile in the left. 

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