Common Name: Common Kingfisher
Scientific Name: Alcedo atthis
Nepali Name: Sano Matikhor ( सानो माटीकोरे )
Size: 16cm (size) 
Location: Begnas, Pokhara

Normally found distributed widely under 1000m above sea level and can reach 1800m. This common kingfisher can be seen in open water areas. 

Please feel free to comment below if the above species has been misidentified.

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  1. Gorgeous! They are not as common as their name suggests and are tiny to spot in the field. Nicely done!

  2. Nice photo. I love Kingfishers but they are hard to photograph here. Last time I was trying to photograph Kingfishers, it was from the kayak. I tried to drift quietly, but they kept just out of range of my telephoto. I got a couple good shots but not many for all the work.

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