Common Name: Crimson Sunbird
Scientific Name: Aethopyga siparaja 
Nepali Name: Sipraja Bungechara ( सिपराजा बुङ्गेचरा )
Size: 11 cm
Location: Malekhu, Nepal

Seen in light forests and gardens, Crimson Sunbird is fairly common in elevation ranging from 915m to 1200m as I have seen these birds in Kathmandu, Nuwakot, Malekhu etc. A beautiful bird the male has a metallic green crown, crimson in the mantle, neck and breast. The belly is olive-yellow with the rump being yellow and the tail is long green-blue. The female has an olive-green plumage with greenish-yellow underpart. They have a thin down-curved beak. They can be seen skillfully hovering on flowers and feeding on nectar but they also feed on insects. 

The above picture is of a male Crimson Sunbird and the picture below is of a female.

Crimson Sunbird - Aethopyga siparaja (Female)

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