Common Name: Grey Nightjar
Scientific Name: Caprimulgus jotaka
Nepali Name: Fushro Chaitechara ( फुस्रो चैतेचरा )
Size: 32 cm
Location: Sitapaila, Kathmandu

Grey Nightjars are found in elevations ranging from 610m to 2895m in vegetations like open areas such as forest edges and scrub-covered slopes. They generally roost on the ground, on tree branches, and are very well camouflaged.

These birds have a dark grayish brown on the upperside with irregular spots. The bill has rictal bristles. Grey Nightjar falls under the family of nightjars that have long wings, short legs, and short bills. These birds are crepuscular and nocturnal with their primary diet being large flying insects.

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