Scientific Name: Samia sp.
Family: Saturniidae
Size: Female: 10-14cm
Location: Kurintar, Nepal

There seem to be two species of the moth found in Nepal. One can be found in the mid-hills of central Nepal, which has a clear “form” and is larger. The paler “form” and smaller one can be seen on the eastern side of the terai and foothills of Nepal.

Please feel free to comment below if the above species has been misidentified.

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  1. Sanjeevani

    I was researching on atlas moths in Nepal and how wonderful to come across this information! Helpful Thanks and keep it coming

    • Sanjeevani ji,
      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. Certainly helps motivate in bringing out more content. If there is anything that has been misidentified then please do tell me.

    • Karuna Pandey

      It’s actually Samia sp.
      Might be Samia canningi.

      • Karuna ji, Thank you for correcting me. It seems that there are two species of Samia sp. and looking at the markings this one must be the Samia canningi.

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