Common Name: Sarus Crane
Scientific Name: Antigone antigone
Family: Gruidae
Nepali Name: Saras ( सारस )
Size: 156 cm
Location: Lumbini, Nepal

Sarus cranes are found in elevations ranging from 150m to 300m. Adapted to human habitats these cranes can be seen in shallow wetlands, farmlands, and grasslands. In Nepal, they are found in the western and central plains and are residents in the districts of Rupandehi, Kapilvastu, and Nawalparasi.

A large bird, Sarus cranes have grey plumage, a red, featherless head and upper neck, and a long, greenish-grey bill. It is easily identified in flight by its straight neck and the long pink legs that trail behind it. Juveniles have a brown-grey feathered head and a yellowish bill base.

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