What an epic year 2017 has been, and to top it all up, the summary of What I Saw in 2017 got featured in the national daily “The Kathmandu Post“. Below are the excerpts from the feature. 

” What a year it has been. From 5416m above sea level down to 286m, it has been a year filled with various assignments and places to explore. It feels surreal as I scroll down the blog posts to see the amount of flora and fauna I’ve managed to see and take pictures of. I initially started as a blog to showcase the diverse flora and fauna Nepal has and then started “What I Saw,” a monthly segment, a year later. What I saw in 2017 is a mixture of what I was able to take pictures of and what I was able to see. Documenting species like the Asian Openbill, White-throated Kingfisher, Black Stork, Red-headed Vulture, Great Cormorant, Mugger Crocodile, Chital, Eurasian Wild Boar,  Barking Deer and tonnes of other species was, you could say, both a wild ride and educational; but missing out on being able to take pictures of Sambar, Indian Pangolin, and Indian Grey Mongoose has made my resolutions for 2018 stronger.
So here is to the past year and the one that has just dawned. May it be filled with adventures, new revelations, and a renewed appreciation for the world that surrounds us. “

Thank you The Kathmandu Post for featuring prakritinepal blog’s summary segment. 

Ajay Narsingh Rana