Six months into the year and I’m still lucky enough to be discovering new species, but this month I ended up mostly staying in Kathmandu Valley and focused on the macro world in the garden. A small trip to River Side Spring for my friend’s wedding also gave me a chance to look for insects to photograph. “What I saw” is definitely a segment that drives me into getting the blog going. 

The macro photography was the gateway to my desire to create a blog and with having almost 8 years under the belt of chasing insects, I drifted away a bit into another genre which gave me more insights into improving.  Macro photography excites me as the small world of flora and fauna is filled with complex structures, shapes, sizes, colors.

With this month’s photographs, I am still trying to identify the names of the insects but in a summary, I was able to take pictures of ants, beetle, moth, Buffon frog, Great Eggfly Butterfly, spiders, mushrooms, etc. I will be posting the details of the species as I have some progress on identifying the species.

Thank you so much for the continued support and hope to bring you some awesome content in July’s edition of “What I saw” as I am heading out to the far west of Nepal. You can follow the journey from the Instagram handle @prakritinepalblog.

Thank you so much.

Ajay Narsingh Rana

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  1. I’m not crazy about ants but your photo came out great! Love the frog photos too.

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