Common Name: Sulphur Cosmos
Scientific Name: Cosmos sulphureus
Size: 30–210 cm
Location: Sitapaila, Nepal

Also known as Orange Cosmos or Yellow Cosmos, the Sulphur Cosmos is native to Mexico. The flower attracts various insects like the butterfly, bees, etc. Sulphur Cosmos plant has the ability to grow in adverse conditions as well which can include droughts as well. This is a self-sowing plant as well and appears for several years.

Please feel free to comment below if the above species has been misidentified.

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    When does it bloom in Nepal??? How to grow it.

    • Bibek ji, This flower blooms from September onwards in the place I live. As far as I’ve seen that this is a very simple plant to grow as it can even resist drought. The seeds fall off or get scattered with the wind and germinate on its own. No care has been given to date for it but yet it blooms every year.

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