Common Name: Whiskered Yuhina
Scientific Name: Yuhina flavicollis
Nepali Name: Junge Jurechara ( जुंगे जुरेचरा )
Size: 13 cm
Location: Priti, Ramechap

Whiskered Yuhina is a common and widespread small songbird found in elevations ranging from 1830m to 2745m.
These birds can be identified by their mohawk-shaped grey-brown crest, white-eye ring, black moustachial stripe, and a rufous hind color. The upperparts are olive-brown in color and have a white under-body with the sides of the breast and flanks having streaked rufous-olive color.
Whiskered Yuhina found foraging and moving around the undergrowth and the middle level of the broad-leaved forests.

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