Common Name: Burmese Python
Scientific Name: Python bivittatus
Family: Pythonidae
Nepali Name: Ajingar ( अजिंगर )
Size: Normally upto 5 m
Location: Kawasoti, Nawalparasi

The Burmese python is a large constrictor snake found in Southeast Asia. It has a dark brown body with beige blotches and two distinctive lines on its head running across each eye. The back is covered in brown blotches bordered by black markings.

The Burmese Python’s diet includes a wide range of prey, from birds to mammals as large as pigs and deer.

The Burmese Python is widely distributed in the floodplains of Nepal and can be found in elevations ranging from 100 to 2800m. It thrives in diverse habitats such as dry forests, mountains, and open grasslands. These pythons have a remarkable lifespan of over 20 years.


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