Common Name: Indian Screw Tree
Scientific Name: Helicteres isora L.
Family: Sterculiaceae
Nepali Name: Kapaase ( कपासे )
Size: 5-8 m (height)
Location: Amaltari, Nawalparasi

The East-Indian Screw Tree (Helicteres isora L.) is a semi-deciduous shrub or small tree featuring grey bark. Its leaves take on an obovate shape with serrated edges, and both sides are densely covered in hairs. The flowers have the potential to appear individually or in scattered clusters, presenting red petals that allure pollinators such as birds and insects.

As they mature, these petals transition to a delicate pale blue hue. The fruit consists of five twisted follicles, each resembling a screw’s shape, which inspired its name. The seeds, numbering 20-25, are polished and come in either black or brown, often having a roughly rhomboid shape that can resemble rectangles or triangles.

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