Common Name: Common Cobra
Scientific Name: Naja Naja
Family: Elapidae
Nepali Name: Goman Sarpa ( गोमन सर्प )
Size: Upto 2.2m long
Location: Kawasoti, Nawalparasi

Common cobras, also known as spectacled cobras, are found in tropical and sub-tropical forests, grasslands, agricultural areas, and settlements at elevations ranging from 100 to 1600 meters. A common species of cobra in Nepal, it is a venomous snake with neurotoxic venom. It is easily recognizable by its large hood, which it expands as a defense mechanism when threatened.

Many common cobras have a distinctive hood mark located on the rear of their hood, consisting of two circular patterns connected by a curved line, resembling spectacles. They exhibit variations in color and pattern across their geographical range. They typically range from yellowish-brown to light brown to dark black. The underside is usually lighter than the top. The key identifying feature is the hood marking that resembles spectacles, although not all spectacled cobras will have this.

This species has an elliptical and slightly flattened head, which is not very distinct from the neck. Its snout is short and rounded with large nostrils, while its eyes are medium-sized with round pupils.

Please feel free to comment below if the above species has been misidentified.

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