Common Name: Common Kestral
Scientific Name: Falco tinnunculus
Nepali Name: Baudaie ( बौंडाइ )
Size: 31 – 35 cm
Location: Bungamati, Lalitpur

Common Kestral is a common resident and a winter visitor which is generally found in elevation ranging from 75m to 5200m. These birds are generally seen in open country and cliffsides.

The plumage of a Common Kestral is light chestnut brown with black spottings on the upper side. The underside is buff with narrow blackish streaks. They have a long broad tail having a black tip with a narrow white rim and the wingtips are more round than compared to other falcons.

The beak, the feet are bright yellow in color along with the narrow ring around the eye and they have a prominent black malar stripe. The male has an ash-grey head and the female have a chestnut brown crown and nape.

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